Op shop pattern finds from Milton

On our road trip down South, Steve patiently waited while I went and explored op shops in some of the small towns on the way, in my never-ending quest for, well, interesting things.

Here’s what I picked up in the Salvation Army op shop in Milton. Quite a large op shop, considering the town is quite small (it’s a two-cafe town, Milton is) – there were two rooms to it.

I found me some patterns:

Butterick 5723 – a maternity pattern from the 1970s

Style 2845 – a maternity pattern from 1969

Maudella 4995 – a men’s shirt pattern. I’m guessing it’s 1950’s?

Academy 3038. I’m guessing this is 1940’s, based on the style (and the hair styles). It’s in very beaten-up condition, but I couldn’t leave it sitting there when I found it – after all, 1940’s wide leg trousers in my size! I’ve been wanting some of these for a while. 🙂

7 responses to “Op shop pattern finds from Milton

  1. Small town Op-shops always have the best finds 🙂

  2. Oh cool! I visisted Milton a couple of years ago but I wasn’t sewing then so I only looked at the books in that Op-shop.The Maudella ones are really rare (I think Style eventually bought them?). The first tunic is really cute although I really like the old Style patterns too. Nice haul!

  3. Those trousers are fab!

  4. What fabulous patterns! I love those trousers – what fabric are you thinking of making them up in?

    • I’m not sure yet – something with a bit of weight so they hang nicely. Possibly a denim or a heavier wool…..

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