Pajama party time!

Have you heard about the pajama party that Karen from Did You Make That is hosting?

Pajama parties are awesome, I reckon. My friends in high school and I used to have pajama parties quite often, going crazy and staying up far too late, eating tons of junk food and watching movies. Ahhh, the good old days.

Pajamas are also rather awesome when you’re pregnant, as it turns out. Such wonderful things, I currently have a bit of a love affair with them going on. And yet, I only own two pairs. So this here pajama party is coming along at a perfect time!

I have my fabric (a gift from my lovely mother late last year to make pajamas with, even). I have my favourite pair of pajama pants to trace around. I have a day off work this Wednesday. I’m good to go!

Karen’s hosting the pajama party itself this weekend over on her blog, where lots of pajama-making lasses will be showing off their creations. I intend to be there – how about you?

2 responses to “Pajama party time!

  1. I intend to be there, patterns are all made and toiled. Now just to get them all made up in time! Are you making yours bigger and baggier, or incorporating a stretchy panel?

    • I had a bit of a debate with myself about this – make them big to fit all the way over the bump, or low cut for under it? In the end I’m going with cutting them a little bit lower than usual (and a bit bigger haha) to go under the bump. I’m thinking about making another pair in a knit fabric to go up over the bump though, so I can compare which one is more comfy. 🙂 (All in the name of experimentation!)

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