Vintage patterns haul

This weekend the first ‘Vintage Bazaar’ was held here in Newtown, so I wandered along with my lovely friend Natalie.

Sadly, I must admit we were both a bit disappointed. It wasn’t particularly well set up, and almost everything was vastly overpriced. (There were also a lot of ‘vintage styled’ garments, which weren’t vintage at all, selling for far higher than they should have been.) However, I did find a decent little haul of vintage patterns for $1 each, lurking amongst a couple of large boxes of most 1980’s and 90’s patterns, so all was not lost. 🙂 Wanna see what I got?

First up, Simplicity 4298 from 1958. This one appeals to me as it’s a “7 day wardrobe” pattern. How neat is that? One pattern to make an entire week’s wardrobe! It even has the plan for what you wear over those seven days. Something about wardrobe patterns really appeals to me, I think it’s the self-contained-ness of them.

Next is one of my favourites from this haul – Academy 2006. Sadly the instructions are missing, but I’m hoping all the pieces are there as I think I should be able to figure it out anyway. Academy patterns never have dates on them (or none that I’ve seen have, anyway) but this one’s looking 1940’s to me.

The one maternity pattern I found is this one – Simplicity 5678 from 1963. I’m planning on making up the sleeveless version soon as I reckon it’ll look cute over long-sleeved merino tops and tights for winter.

Sadly Simplicity 4909 is missing it’s envelope. The pleated skirt in this one appealed to me, so home it came.

Poor Academy 4420. It’s missing half the front of the pattern envelope and, sadly, its instructions as well. It appears to be a formal dress or a wedding dress, probably from the 1950s. One day I will rescue it – make it up, write up the instructions, take a picture and save it from obscurity. One day….

I debated about Woman W.9 for a while, but once again the lure of a wardrobe pattern pulled me in. Everything from a work suit to a beach outfit – how many other patterns have that type of versatility?!?

While I don’t ever see myself making up the jumper from Simplicity 6276, the collars on versions 2 and 3 of the blouse are adorable. (Just don’t look at version 4. The 1980’s may have got a bit of inspiration from there.)

I also unearthed four books of vintage knitting patterns for the grand sum of 25c each, once again from a box of 1970s and 80s knitting patterns. (I have no shame when it comes to sitting on the floor hunting through these boxes. Sad but true.) The stall owner seemed happy that someone was interested in the patterns – the entire time I was at the bazaar, I didn’t see anyone else even glance at any of them.

While I’m not exactly the worlds best knitter, my mother is pretty amazing, and has been building up a collection of 1940s knitting patterns, so I’m always on the hunt to add some to her collection. Especially since she just knitted up a 1940s cardigan for me, and there is a promise of more to come. (Exciting!!) I’m planning on showing some of my favourite patterns from inside these four books later this week. I love 1940s and 1950s knitting patterns – so elegant and sweet. (I just wish they’d put dates on them. *sigh*)

Anyone have a preference about which of the knitting pattern books I share with you first?


16 responses to “Vintage patterns haul

  1. Kat I have three vintage maternity patterns maybe 40’s which I would love to give you. They are all Home Journal patterns and only one is missing instructions but I haven’t checked to see if peices are missing. They are also rather large (40″ bust) but I am sure you will be able to scale them down. I am in town this week so can drop them off to you if you let me know your address maybe at work if you are in the central city?

    • Oh Jo, that’s so lovely of you! Thank you!!!

      I’m based at NZ Post House, up near the Railway Station. More than happy to come and meet you somewhere more central if you like. 🙂 My email is macska at gmail dot com

  2. Great finds Kat. You struck gold! I love all of of them and those’wardrobe collection’ patterns are brill. I’m going to be dreaming about what the rest of Academy 4420 looks like. I bet its amazing! I’ve only recently been drawn to vintage knitting patterns but I particular like the 40s (or is it 50s?) fair Isle style. Would look fab on you 🙂

    • Academy 4420 is quite high on my list of patterns to make once I have a waist again – I’m very curious about it!

      I must admit to not usually being a huge fan of fair isle, but that jersey really caught my eye. I’m hoping I can convince my mother to make it up for me sometime. 😉

  3. I LOVE that Fair Isle pattern with the shoulder contrast too. Delicious. And how cool to make finds like that. I didn’t get to go to the fair – chained to the shop for a while yet, but looking forward to being let out on a short leash for Fabricabrac in a month’s time 🙂

    • Fabricabrac is going to be awesome. I routinely break my ‘no buying fabric’ rule there in a huge way. So many lovely things…. *sigh*

      Oooh, random idea – Wellington crafty bloggers get-together for breakfast beforehand?

      • What a great idea. Trouble is I am a stall holder so will be setting up 😦 But do come and say hi some time at the shop – Golding Handcrafts as was in Marion St 🙂

      • I’ve been telling a few people about your shop the last few weeks – I think we may be planning a bit of a mission down there sometime soonish to see what changes you’ve made. 🙂

  4. margueritedesigns

    I’ve got that Woman W.9 pattern! I found it lurking all on it’s own in a charity shop for 50p and couldn’t leave it behind…Haven’t done anything with it yet though…

    • That’s awesome – I love it when I find other people with the same vintage patterns! It’s almost like sharing the same treasure hunt or something like that. 🙂 Any plans on what you’re going to make with it first?

  5. Nice haul. Haven’t heard of some of these pattern companies before. Thanks for sharing!

    • There’s one there that I had never heard of before either – the “Woman” brand one. I always find it interesting to come across new companies. 🙂

      The Academy one was a New Zealand pattern company. Which I’ve never been able to find out much about, but it seems like they were around in the 1940’s and 1950’s. One day I will track down more info from somewhere…. The internets don’t seem to know about them, sadly.

  6. PS I’d be willing to bet that the photo on that last pattern has been “photoshopped.” It is …odd…

  7. Wow, what a great score! I love the wardrobe patterns! So cool!

  8. Work suit to beach outfit?! I AM SOLD! This is a divine haul, my friend!

    • Crazy eh – it’s like they’re saying “here’s everything you need for a wardrobe, any occasion, all in one pattern. Get it!!”

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