{Outfit post} Polka Dot Party

Outfit details
Cardigan – Glassons
Merino tee – me-made
Skirt – from a local op shop
Tights – Lyric maternity tights, Farmers
Slip – from a clothes swap party
Boots – Doc Martens
Necklace – from a Queenstown craftsman, made from vintage Crown Lynn pottery
Bump – 18 weeks
Photobombed by – Roxy the cat

I bought this skirt several months ago, it was in a fill-a-bag sale at a local op shop. It was miles too big, with an elastic waist, but I figured I could do something with the fabric, so it’s been sitting in my alterations pile ever since.

Turns out it fits well over my bump now, and even has a bit of room to spare. It may get a bit of use in the next month or two.

(My wardrobe situation isn’t looking too good at the moment. Note to self: must spend more time sewing, less time reading sewing blogs.)

The reason for this outfit? My first attempt at ‘nail art’! I bought a Sally Hansen nail art pen a few weeks ago. Quite often, due to pregnancy tiredness, I find I have to sit down and not do much for half an hour or so. Yesterday I decided I may as well use this relaxing time to do something vaguely more interesting than flicking through a magazine – paint my nails with polka dots.

And then this morning I remembered the skirt to match.

5 responses to “{Outfit post} Polka Dot Party

  1. Loving the nails! (and the dress, of course) 😉

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