Scrappy sampler knitted blanket

For the last couple of years, I’ve been half-heartedly attempting to learn how to knit. I started with making basic peggy squares about two years ago, and have been slowly building up my peggy-square pile, trying various types of patterns and stitches, using random leftover bits of wool that my (voracious knitter) mother sends me. I get bored with knitting quite quickly, hence the pile of peggy squares – I figured it would be a good way to learn some new knitting skills without tackling a large project that I’d most likely lose interest in and abandon partway through.

Why has it taken me two years to build up a pile of peggy squares? I admit it – I don’t pick up the knitting needles very often. In fact, they generally only get picked up if I’m hanging out in my lounge with friends, or at craft group (in which case they’re also competing with my pile of hand sewing which also waits for these occasions). The rest of the time, the lure of my sewing machine is just too hard to resist. Those poor knitting needles don’t stand a chance against it.

I am determined to learn to knit though, especially now that I’ve found some vintage 1940’s patterns. So so cute!!!!

But back to the peggy squares. When I started, I had an idea that I’d knit a whole lot to learn with, then sew them together into a blanket for my first born child. Now, that first born child is on it’s way, so I’ve decided I’d better pick up those knitting needles a bit more often!

As part of the mystery make parcel that the lovely Moon Munkie sent me, I got a length of pretty variegated blue-and-green wool. Naturally, this had to be incorporated in my patchwork blanket somehow. Putting it together with some of the random left-over wool bits and pieces my mother had sent me, I made this:

(Draped over a cat, as all good craft projects should be.)

The wool from the mystery make package is the bottom design, the one surrounded by white.

And since I was photographing it, I figured I may as well lay out all the peggy squares I’ve been making and see what they looked like together.

(I had to fight the cat to get this under her. She still won’t let me finish packing all the peggy squares away again. Oh no, she’s firmly ensconced on that bottom left corner.)

4 responses to “Scrappy sampler knitted blanket

  1. Good idea 🙂

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