Great Southern Lands (part 3) – South Otago

It’s taking me a bit longer than planned to sort through all the photos from our road trip South. Here’s a few more to share with you – these are from the fourth day of our trip, heading south from Dunedin to the Catlins.

Near Taieri Mouth

Along the coast south of Dunedin are two little townships – Brighton and Taieri Mouth. They used to be popular summer holiday spots (and they still are – just not quite as popular since people can go further afield easily these days). Between the two we stopped by the side of the road to stretch our legs, and stood a while enjoying the view over the ocean.

Sinclair Wetlands

One of the things I enjoyed the most about our trip was having the time to stop and look at places I’d never had time to stop at before. The Sinclair Wetlands were one of these – I’d seen the sign countless times, but had no idea what it was about. This trip, we ventured down the 9km long dirt road to see what they were. And I’m glad we did – the Wetlands are a magical place, calm and still, with the only sounds those of birds and insects.

Cannibal Bay

Our first stop in the Catlins was at Cannibal Bay – Steve wanted to go there simply because of the name. The Catlins are full of dirt roads, and Cannibal Bay was down one of these. Around 10km of winding, narrow dirt road going along the sides of hills, travelling veeeeery slowly in case a car suddenly comes around the corner in the other direction. Cannibal Bay is a sweeping long stretch of beach, good for surfers and sealions (there are some sealions in the distance in the photo below – looking like black blobs). There’s farmland all around it – I love old falling-down barns for some reason, so got Steve to take a photo of one near the beach. (And yes, that’s the dirt road we drove down to get to Cannibal Bay.)


The main centre of the Catlins region is a little town called Owaka. As seems to happen in small towns in remote areas, Owaka has a few quirky things. Including the ‘teapot garden’ and ‘Dolly World’, which sit next to each other on the main road through the town. I must admit, although the idea of a garden full of teapots sounds delightful, I couldn’t help but think of the waste of all the lovely pots and the cups of tea they could have poured…. (And I don’t know about you, but ‘Dolly World’ was kinda creepy. We didn’t go in – all the dolls and figurines staring at us from the windows with their vacant eyes was more than enough for me. Eep.)


3 responses to “Great Southern Lands (part 3) – South Otago

  1. Beautiful dragonfly!

  2. You take gorgeous landscape pictures! My husband would be so jealous of your subjects. That Bart Simpson doll in the window is panic inducing…….

    • The Bart Simpson doll was very high on the list of ‘most disturbing item’. *shudder*

      I must admit to the pictures all being taken by my partner. Ever since he got a fancy camera, there’s no point me even getting my one out of my bag…..

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