{Outfit post} – Black Out

Jumper – from a clothes swap
Skirt – from a clothes swap
Tights – Columbine
Boots – Dr Martens, second hand from TradeMe
Necklace – purchased in Akaroa last month
Bump – 16.5 weeks

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was “Black Out” – to wear all black. I feel rather monochromatic today. In fact, this outfit reminds me of some I used to wear, oh, probably around 5 years ago when I went through a bit of a ‘corporate gothic’ phase.

Even though I pulled it up a lot higher than it’s designed to sit, this will be the last day I’ll be wearing this skirt for a while. Rapidly expanding waist, and all that.

Plan for the long weekend this weekend – lots of sewing. And then some more sewing. My baby bump wardrobe is a bit sparse……


4 responses to “{Outfit post} – Black Out

  1. “Bump – self made” hohohoho. Might want to put a hold on bump-related patterns for a couple of weeks.. *cough, swap, cough*

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