Great Southern Lands (part 1) – Banks Peninsula

A couple of weeks ago, my darlin’ Steve and I went on a little road trip down South. Partially because we wanted a holiday, Steve hasn’t seen much of the bottom half of the South Island yet (which is where I’m from, so I firmly believe he needs to get to know the place well because it’s the best place in the WORLD dontcha know), and it seemed like a good idea to explore it before the autumn/winter weather really packs in. And partially to break the you’re-gonna-be-grandparents news to my parents in person.

And this is where those of you who aren’t interested in non-sewing posts probably want to stop reading, coz this post is all about our trip. 🙂

We flew into Christchurch airport, picked up a car and went to Akaroa. Then we spent a week meandering our way down the east coast of the South Island, from Akaroa to Bluff. Back inland a bit to visit family in Gore, then flew out of Invercargill. I’ll be writing a few posts of our trip, in photos.

Banks Peninsula

We stayed here on our first night on holiday. A gorgeous old stable/workroom, the entire top floor was the bedroom, with windows at both ends so you could lie in bed and see farmland out one window and turn to see ocean out the other

The view from our bedroom window

Akaroa pier at sunset

Duvauchelle Post & Telegraph office, built in 1921. Sadly it was damaged by the Christchurch earthquake last year, and will be pulled down 😦

The Robinsons Bay Post Office was here from 1912 until 1960. It was the smallest Post Office building in Canterbury. You can fit 5 people inside if you all breathed in and squeezed tight. Maybe.

From the high road over Banks Peninsula


3 responses to “Great Southern Lands (part 1) – Banks Peninsula

  1. Wow, so pretty. We visited Banks Peninsula just before the second earthquake in Christchurch. The kids were fascinated by the fact that it’s an extinct volcano. What a lovely baby moon!

  2. Gorgeous! Really, breathtaking. Sad about the telegraph office having to be pulled down. Thanks for sharing photos though. 🙂

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