{Outfit post} – Birthday Green

Jersey – from a clothes swap
Top – from a clothes swap
Skirt – vintage (1950’s?) pure wool from an op shop
Petticoat – no idea where I got it, second hand
Tights – Columbine
Necklace – gift from Steve
Shoes – Django and Juliet
Bump – 15 weeks

On Friday it was the 10th birthday of the organisation I work for. Our company colour is green, so we all got dressed in green for the day, blew up (green) balloons, and ate scrumptious chocolate cake for afternoon tea. It was rather awesome, looking around the office and seeing a sea of green clothes.

It turns out I have quite a lot of green clothes. And shoes. And accessories. The trick wasn’t finding something green to wear – it was deciding which combination of green to wear.

Sadly I think it’ll be the last day for a few months that I wear this skirt though – it’s just a bit too tight around the bump now.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but the tights are white fishnets with blue and orange flowers with green (green!) stalks on them.


6 responses to “{Outfit post} – Birthday Green

  1. Happy Birthday and damn I love your shoes!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love how you combined the greens – inspired!

  3. Wow! Cool outfit! But really amazing how bump has gone from subtle to ‘hey it’s a baby!’ so quickly! You will be offered seats on buses in no time!

    • Yep, it’s starting to pop out quite a bit now! It’s rather fun to see how quickly it’s growing. 🙂 (Not quite as fun when it comes to finding things in my wardrobe that still fit, though. Sewing mission ahead, I think….)

  4. You look so lovely in green! I love all the different shades you’ve combined here!

  5. what a great idea, and you look great being very green!

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