Wellington winter

Jacket – used to belong to my friend Christina
Jersey – Glassons
Skirt – Moochi
Tights – Farmers
Boots – Dr Martens (second hand from TradeMe)
Bump – 14.5 weeks

Wellington has a winter ‘uniform’. As soon as the weather turns cold, most Wellingtonians break out the black and grey colours for the next few months. This ‘uniform’, reflecting as it does the colour of the sky for about 5-6 months, is a large part of the reason why I wear bright colours and dye my hair. Someones got to add some colour to the place, after all.

Oddly, nothing me-made this Wednesday. ‘Short skirts’ was the theme of the challenge this week. Been a long while since I’ve worn a short skirt. Not sure if I ever will again – I felt rather self-conscious all day. It’s odd seeing your knees when you’re used to wearing longer vintage styles. I’m thinking this skirt is going to move out of my wardrobe very soon….


4 responses to “Wellington winter

  1. Those tights are from Farmers?! I will have to send Mum off to get me a pair! I love the skirt. Why would you hide those legs? Only if it was blowing a southerley!

    • Yep, they’re ‘Leg Avenue’ ones, which Farmers are stocking now. 🙂 Sadly not the best quality in the world though – lots of cute designs but not enough elasticity, which is a shame.

  2. Ha ha funny. I was just thinking how awesome you looked in that outfit. I wouldn’t hide those legs too much 🙂

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