Stripes and blur

Cardigan: Nom*D
Merino tshirt: self made
Skirt: Karen Walker
Tights: Glassons
Boots: some shoe shop in town
Necklace: greenstone carving, gift from Steve for Christmas

This week’s Wardrobe Challenge theme was ‘stripes’. I’d like to think I look vaguely piratical, but maybe not. Either way, it was a good excuse to wear this cardigan and these tights and boots – I haven’t worn any of them for many many months.

Sadly, these photos are blurry. Very blurry. If I pretend it was intentional, would you believe me? (I foolishly didn’t check them after Steve took them yesterday, and now it’s too late to get replacements. *sigh*)

Doing some renovations in the study/mudroom/whatever room in our house, hence the random things piled on the floor, like bales of wool insulation batts stacked up over to the right there.


One response to “Stripes and blur

  1. Ahoy! Luvverly stripey theme. Can’t get enough of those horizontal hoops myself!


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