Pink and green

Jacket: used to belong to my friend Christina
Skirt: me made
Socks: from Beijing
Shoes: purchased on holiday in Napier
Fluffy cat coin purse: from Tokyo

It’s a Wellington thing – a lot of the city suburbs have a fair on during late summer/early autumn. It was Newtown’s turn this weekend. Lots of bands, stalls selling all sorts of foods and crafts, buskers, and heaps of people. They block off a couple of the main roads, various smaller roads, and re-route about 1/4 of the Wellington bus routes for the day since that’s how many go through Newtown on their way to other places. And the best part? It starts about 6 doors down the road from our house.

(And yes, my hair is currently emerald green.)

4 responses to “Pink and green

  1. Good that the weather didn’t interrupt the festivities 🙂

  2. love the green hair and your outfit is great!

  3. Love the first photo. and wow the weather doesn’t look to bad! Doesn’t look to crowded either. How was it?

    • Not too bad, actually! Good music, some really good stalls, heaps of amazingly tasty looking food. Good for a wander around. 🙂

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