The “Pixie” Skirt

You know how sometimes you get an idea for something, you spend hours making it, and then…. well…. you’re just not a huge fan of the end result. (And if you’re anything like me, you then feel a bit guilty about not being a huge fan of what you’ve just made!)

Inevitably, a few things I made last year fit into that category. Including my Green is Green dress. Sure, I liked the colour. And the style. And the fit wasn’t too bad. The problem was the fabric. I foolishly decided to experiment and made it in a very heavy weight cotton drill. Which is fine when you’re standing still, but meant that if I ever wanted to actually move in the dratted dress I had to battle the fabric to do so. Walking was interesting – the skirt didn’t want to move with my legs. Sitting, also fun. And lets just not even talk about how much trouble it was to put a cardigan or jacket over those cap sleeves.

The result? I wore it once. And could never bring myself to put it on again. (I also had a vague suspicion the entire time that I looked like an escapee elf from Santa’s workshop.)

Here’s the original dress:

This week, the time had come to deal with this dress! (I always feel that if I don’t like something I’ve made, I need to do something to rescue it for myself, don’t you?)

So, I unpicked the bodice and the dress-length invisible zip. Installed a 23cm skirt-length invisible zip. And did a basic fold-over-and-stitch-down at the waist. (I would have loved to add a waistband but didn’t have enough fabric left for it. I’m still debating whether I should add one in a different colour. What do you all think?)

The end result? A new skirt! And I even wore it for a full day and felt fine in it. 🙂

I’m not 100% convinced by the pockets though – I ended up folding the envelope flaps in the front of them to inside the pockets. Maybe if I add a contrasting waistband it’ll make that pocket trim work better….?

The Facts

Fabric: the skirt from the Green Is Green dress I made last year
Pattern: Style 1541
Year: 1976
Notions: 23cm invisible zip, $4
Time to complete: 1 hour (40 minutes of which was unpicking the original dress)
First worn: Sunday 26 February, to a fair and a sculpture exhibition
Wear again? yep

Total price: -$3 (from reclaiming a longer, and therefore more expensive, invisible zip)


3 responses to “The “Pixie” Skirt

  1. Yip – I often remodel what I make, because I don’t like throwing anything away! I liked the dress, but agree it isn’t much use if you don’t wear it, so hopefully a skirt is easier to make work! The pocket flaps are cute, maybe if you wore it with a white top they wouldn’t look out of place? Nice to see another fan of green and purple!

  2. I’m always making things I think are going to be amazing. That’s why crochet is so good – it’s easier to take apart and make something new from scratch.
    My two-penneth 🙂 I liked the pockets on the frock better I think – it made it look something a little bit more interesting.

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