Rather floral

Skirt: hand made, acquired from a clothes swap party

Blouse: by NZ designer Julia Fong, thrifted

Necklace: by a Nelson jeweller

Tights: NZ made by Columbine

Shoes: NZ brand Minx

Petticoat: via TradeMe, made by a girl who lives two streets away

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was to wear as much that was made as close to where we live as possible.

Sure, it would have been extremely easy for me to wear a completely me-made outfit. But where’s the challenge in that? So I wore things made as close to Wellington as possible, that weren’t me-made.  As a result, this blouse got it’s second-ever wearing in public.

Not that you can see some of the details very clearly – it’s pouring with rain, and night, hence the inside photos.  But the shoes are purple wedges with ankle straps, the tights are black floral designed mesh, and there’s a green petticoat under that skirt.

Like all the floral?  Floral skirt, floral blouse, floral tights.  I’m a walking watercolour garden today.

5 responses to “Rather floral

  1. Gosh I love that skirt!! Great outfit. I love how easy it is to dress Wellington, with all the creativity here. By the way, LOVE your wall colour. Big fave colour of mine, for walls that is! 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 The wall colour is my favourite thing about my room – it makes it seem happy and warm even in winter. Gotta love a soft yellow.

  2. I love that blouse! And that is a beautiful pairing with that skirt!

  3. Really loving that skirt. And florals are all the rage this year, innit?!

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