Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – pearls

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge theme was pearls. I couldn’t find my long strand of fake pearls, so dug out a silver chain with semi opaque glass beads instead (vaguely pearl-like from a distance, no?) as the basis for this outfit.

Outfit details:

  • Cardigan: from a Glassons sale many years ago
  • Top: vintage, from a Christchurch op shop
  • Belt: vintage, from a Rangiora op shop
  • Skirt: hand-made, from a clothes swap
  • Petticoat: hand-made, from TradeMe
  • Bag: vintage, from a clothes swap
  • Necklace: from a clothes swap (the ‘pearls’ challenge item for today and the basis for the outfit)
  • Shoes: please imagine these as purple wedge heels instead, which is what I was wearing for work today, rather than with these for-walking-4km-home-in sneakers. There, much better, isn’t it?

Photos were taken at the Basin Reserve, on the way home from work. In typical Wellington fashion, it was a bit windy.


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