Ralph’s Southern Roadtrip

Back in December, I met a lovely Auckland-based colleague of mine for the first time. We got chatting about various non-work things (op shopping, crochet, BookCrossing, the joys of 1960’s orange and brown kitchenware). Just before Christmas, she sent me a cute surprise – a pink-and-purple 6-legged amigirumi octopus! Her first ami – sent to me as encouragement to learn to crochet. (And yes, that is one of my goals for 2012.) I named him Ralph. And decided to show him a bit of the countryside, on my family’s annual Boxing Day roadtrip from Dunedin to Gore.

Ralph visited the Old Sod Cottage near Milton. He was quite impressed at the lovely garden outside, and how efficient the one-room cottage’s layout was. Sadly, he didn’t have a picnic with him, so didn’t get to avail himself of the picnic table. Maybe next year.

He made a small detour when passing through Balclutha, to find a good vantage point to see the Balclutha River Bridge. Ralph tried to play the bridge game when driving over it later, holding his breath until he got to the other side. He’s a small octopus though, and he lungs weren’t quite big enough to make it the whole way across. A+ for effort however.

When driving through Clinton, known as the “three horse town”, Ralph stopped off to chat with the three Clinton horses. He was a bit surprised that they’d gained two friends who were pulling a cart, but politely made his introductions to the new arrivals as well.

On to the final leg of the journey – from Clinton to Gore. Affectionately known as the “presidential highway” ever since the Clinton-Gore presidential race over in the States.

And finally, Ralph arrived at his destination – Gore! He chuckled a bit over the brown trout statue, remembering when Gore and some place up in the North Island (he forgets where) had a row several years back as they both had trout statues. They decided to call a truce as one was a brown trout and the other a rainbow trout. Trout wars were narrowly avoided!

A happy and somewhat tired little octopus, Ralph went on to relax as his adopted family’s uncle’s house for a bbq Boxing Day lunch and drinks, before turning around and heading back to Dunedin again.

Stay tuned for more Ralph adventures – next time, he may have a new friend with him!


3 responses to “Ralph’s Southern Roadtrip

  1. ha ha – very amusing πŸ˜€

  2. Fantastic, I think he suits his name πŸ™‚
    I’ll have to follow your blog to see how your crochet comes along.
    Also am liking your sewing – it’s inspiring me

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