Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – blue

Since I’m on holiday this week, and my blue dress needed ironing (*hangs head in shame*), this week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge outfit is a bit more casual than usual.

Outfit details
Top: from a clothes swap party
Hoodie: New Zealand designer Kate Watts
Skirt: Kookai
Shoes: Adidas
Necklace: from a Nelson jeweller (it’s a little robot!)
Hair: this week, it’s Midnight Blue from Directions. It was meant to be purple, but I got half-way through dying it on New Year’s day and discovered that I had no purple dye left. And all the shops were shut. Luckily I found some blue dye in the cupboard, so now I’ve got blue hair for the next few weeks. Just in time for the ‘blue’ wardrobe challenge.

I’m still not sure about the blue hair – what do you think? Keep it for a while, or go back to purple as soon as possible?


2 responses to “Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – blue

  1. I thought you may be interested in a free dress pattern and a competition to win a Horrockses dress:
    The dress competition is on the blog.

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