Dressember 2011 – part 2

Turns out January has snuck up on me quickly this year, and I still have two weeks of posts about Dressember. Rather than doing one super-long post of two weeks of Dressember outfits (dresses), I’m breaking it up into two. Part 3 of Dressember will be along later, either today or tomorrow.

15 December

Dress: me-made June dress
Cardigan: from chain store Glassons
Necklace: bug in resin by a New Zealand jeweller, purchased in Taupo
Worn to work.

16 December

Dress: me-made gingham with cherries, made to wear to my brother’s wedding about 3.5 years ago
Cardigan: from a clothes swap
Necklace: bug in resin, purchased in Taupo
Worn to be a Christmas Angel in Kilbirnie PostShop (they send some of us out from head office to help in the stores during the crazy busy Christmas period). Since I was being a Christmas Angel, I wore Christmas colours – red, green, and cherries!

17 December

Dress: me-made Mod Ascot dress
Cardigan: from an op shop
Long socks: probably from Farmers
Worn to the Christmas bbq for my team at work.

18 December

Dress: from New Zealand designer MAW
Cardigan: from an op shop
Belt: came with the dress
Socks: probably from Farmers
Shoes: Sabrina shoes from Minx
Worn to an early Christmas lunch with Steve’s parents, then out to dinner at Flying Burrito Brothers for a farewell for our flatmate Heather.

19 December

Dress: me-made Unrequited Love dress
Cardigan: me-made
Tights: Farmers
Worn to work.

20 December

Dress: me-made 1950’s Housewife dress
Belt: from Wellington designer Andrea Moore
Tights: NZ brand Columbine, from Farmers
Shoes: Sabrina shoes from NZ shoe makers Minx
Necklace: lovebirds by NZ designer Boh Runga (yes, I try to get locally made things wherever possible)
Worn to work, which today involved flying to Hamilton to do some customer research. So here’s a hotel room photo for you.

21 December

Dress: me-made Floral Forties dress, on it’s first outing. (I finished sewing the blind hem in the hotel room last night.)
Belt: from an op shop
Shoes: purchased in Tauranga
Necklace: lovebirds necklace by NZ jewellery designer Boh Runga
Worn to work, which today started with some research in Hamilton, then progressed on a road trip to central Auckland then Manukau (also for research), then flying back to Wellington. Some days, I love my job. 🙂

So there we have it – roughly the third week of December in dresses. Tune in later for the third and final Dressember post!

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