Dressember 2011

About a week ago, I stumbled upon Dressember – a Facebook group where girls sign up to wear a dress a day for a whole month. Dresses? For a whole month?? Count me in!!

Sadly I was a bit late in my stumbling upon it (via fellow Wellington blogger His Girl Friday) so I missed the first week. I figure I’ll make up for that by wearing a different dress each day for the rest of December. Yes, that’s right – I plan to not wear the same dress twice for the rest of this month!

Here’s how I’m going so far….

8 December

Dress: modified blue floral 1970’s dress
Cardigan: me-made
Tights: Farmers
Shoes: Plimmer shoes
Necklace: Govett Brewster art gallery

9 December

Dress: me-made (and for some reason, no longer anywhere to be found on my blog….)
Belt: Andrea Moore
Necklace: feather from Miss G
Shoes: yellow Adidas sneakers

10 December

Dress: me-made Bookish Willow dress

11 December
No dress today, as it was a clothes swap party day, and dresses don’t work so well when you’re trying on lots of clothes……

12 December

Dress: Deborah Sweeney (Wellington designer)
Cardigan: from an op shop
Necklace: unknown NZ jeweller (it has the bird from the old $5 note on it – yay!)
Shoes: yellow Adidas sneakers (although during the day at work I was wearing tan strappy wedge heels instead)

13 December

Dress: me-made peanut butter dress, after a twirl so the skirt twirls a bit too
Petticoat: from a small Wellington designer (whose name I forget – sorry!)

And just because the sky was awesome that evening, here’s another photo of it….

14 December

Dress: me-made Romantic Tulips dress
Necklace: bug in resin from some NZ jeweller
Shoes: my new red shoes getting their first wear! From Banks Shoes last week

Anyone who does the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge may pick up that today (14 December) was a Wednesday. The challenge for today was ‘shorts’. Clearly, that dress is not a pair of shorts. I was going to break the Dressember for the previously-committed-to Wardrobe Challenge, but guess what? Turns out I own only one pair of shorts even vaguely suitable for the office, which I have never worn, and which don’t fit me these days. But that’s ok – I’m not really a shorts sort of gal anyway. Gee what a shame – I had to wear a dress after all. 😉


One response to “Dressember 2011

  1. ok I love this but it wouldn’t work for me!! Although you seem to have a fine collection going on there!

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