Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – office pirate

Aaaaarrrr me hearties! This Wednesday, the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was office pirate. Shiver me timbers, and a bottle of rum!

I was out and about this Wednesday, visiting places where customers are, so couldn’t go too crazy. I also just discovered Dressember, so I’m going to be joining in on that a bit late and aiming to wear a different dress every (most) days in December. Starting with the one I’m wearing here.

Outfit Details

  • Cardigan – from a clothes swap party. Used to belong to my friend Natalie
  • Burgundy tshirt – from an op shop
  • Dress – by Wellington designer Deborah Sweeney, purchased a few years back and loved ever since
  • Tights – Farmers
  • Boots – Mischief shoes around 6 years ago
  • Necklace – Iko Iko

Very surprisingly, there’s nothing me-made in this outfit. I can’t remember the last time that happened…..

I figured black and white and red (well, in this case, burgundy) and stripes and skulls (down the back of the tights and also on the necklace) were kinda piratical. And black slouch boots were kinda like ones a pirate would wear, right? Just if that pirate happened to work in an office, is all.

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