“Summer Dreaming” top

The Theme
Home Sweet Home – making something from something usually found around the home, such as sheets, curtains, etc.

In my case, I went with part of a duvet cover I got in a clothes swap party a while back. I made an apron for a friend out of the rest of it several months ago, and had enough left for this top. 🙂

The Facts

  • Fabric: cotton duvet cover from a clothes swap party – free!
  • Pattern: Butterick 9808
  • Year: unknown, ca. early 1960’s
  • Notions: 40cm invisible zipper, $6
  • Time to complete: 2 hours
  • Will I wear it? yes
  • Total cost: $6. Which was entirely on the invisible zip.

The Pattern
I made a couple of small adjustments to this pattern. I did my usual small bust adjustment, which in this case meant I removed the upper one of the two side bust darts. I replaced the lapped zip with an invisible zip (I do love me some invisible zips). And I decided I didn’t want boning anywhere near a light summer singlet top, so didn’t bother putting it in. Since I wasn’t using boning, I didn’t line the top either, and instead adding facing around the top, which I made by using the top of the bodice pattern pieces as a base and then simply cutting 7cm from the top of the bodice piece. (If that makes sense?)

The pattern was nice and easy to put together. For once, turning the straps around the right way didn’t involve lots of swearing and cursing. Probably because the fabric is so soft it behaved admirably. (Except for down the side with the invisible zip, where the stripes just flat-out refused to line up properly. Since the fabric is a reasonably loose weave and quite well-worn, I didn’t want to risk making holes in it by unpicking the zip and trying again, so I’m just going with the not-quite-lined-up stripes.)

This top fits really well – it’s wonderfully shaped around the waist and hips, so it sits nice and flat under skirts. Just what I needed in my wardrobe for summer, in fact! I suspect I’ll make it again in another fabric…..

The one adjustment I’d make if I do make it again is a small alteration at the top of the bodice – taking it in about 1.5cm in either side seam, as it’s just slightly too loose there.

The Photos
Summer keeps teasing us at the moment. One day it’s a beautiful warm 28 degrees (celcius). Then the next we’re having to wrap up in coats and turn heaters on instead. Since I’m dreaming of it being summer properly, and this top is made from a duvet cover, it’s the ‘Summer Dreaming’ top.

And since it’s cold and wet tonight, standing by a window and dreaming of summer seemed somewhat appropriate…….

Yes, I’m really late with this challenge. 4 days late, in fact! Wanna know why? It all comes down to my having run out of 40cm invisible zips in pale colours. And today was the first day I could get to the fabric store. That’s right, for the want of a zipper the timeframe was shot. (To be said to the tune of ‘for the want of a nail a horseshoe was lost’. I’m just going to assume you all know that rhyme.)

3 responses to ““Summer Dreaming” top

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  2. Cute top! (I need to find a new adjective, but I feel like it applies!) I love how you’ve styled it with that skirt. You look great. I love the whole outfit actually. 🙂

  3. Great top! The striped fabric is perfect. I love that pattern – it makes me really happy.

    I think I have to come and nick your skirt!

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