Op shop finds from Christchurch

Occasionally when I’m away in another town for work, I’ll be lucky enough to be near an op shop or two (charity shops / thrift stores / whatever you want to call them). This Tuesday when I was down in Christchurch was one of those times – yay! And to make it extra-fantastic, there was not one, but two op shops right next to where I was working. So I ducked out in my lunch break and poked around to see what was in them.

I came away with this little stash of goodies here:

I’ve got no idea what era the green top is from as the tag has been cut out. Actually, I have no idea when any of these items are from – I’m not that good yet at dating vintage. Must practice more…… Anyway, I’m planning on wearing the green top with a few of my 1950’s style skirts. And it’ll go well with the 1940’s suit(s) I’m planning on making next autumn.

The little plate is ‘Old Foley’ by James Kent Ltd, made in England. It makes me smile, with it’s colours, it’s pattern, and it’s cute rounded edges.

The box contains two ‘Dartington Avocado Dressing Servers’, handmade in 24% lead crystal by Dartington Glass in England. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with these, but they were only $4 and cute, so I couldn’t leave them there. A colleague suggested they’d be good for jam and honey at tea parties, so maybe that’s what I’ll use them for.

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