Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – pink!

This week’s Wardrobe Challenge was right up my alley (hmmmm, that saying suddenly looks a little bit dirty. Never noticed that before) – pink!

Just as I’m fond of orange, I’m also fond of pink. Very fond of it these days, in fact. Along with purple and red, it’s one of my three fave colours. Yay for pink! (Evidence: it makes up two of the five colours of my spring colour palette, I’ve made a shirt and a bright pink skirt recently, and pink hair has also featured a bit on here.)

It seemed too easy to wear any of my new pink creations today, though. After all, the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge is all about encouraging you to break out of what you usually wear from your wardrobe, and give all those less-loved garments a go being worn instead.

So, here’s what I pulled together:

  • A brown-and-pink plaid circle skirt made by my friend Natalie, that I got in a clothes swap
  • A bright pink cardigan, also from a clothes swap
  • Grey long-sleeved merino top by New Zealand designer Kate Watts
  • Grey thick tights (one day, summer will finally come and my legs will show their pasty whiteness to the world. You have been warned)
  • Black knee-high Dr Marten boots
  • Necklace with bits of pink on it

Pink mission? Accomplished!

We braved the wind, but errant gusts still caught us in our sheltered spot…..

I even wore pink socks (under the boots, of course).

Wanna play along with the wardrobe challenge? Next Wednesday’s theme is another easy (well, for me, anyway!) one: 1950’s! 🙂


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