The “Orange Sherbert” top

The Theme
This week’s Sew Weekly theme? The colour orange!

In the words of Mena: “Last week we led up to Halloween with costumes and Halloween-inspired creations. This week, we’re wearing everybody’s favorite Autumnal hue, the color orange.”

(Or, in the case of us Southern Hemisphere girls, everyone’s favourite summary hue – orange!

The Facts

  • Fabric: around 1 metre of crinkly chiffon-looking synthetic something-or-other, $4 and (as per usual) been in my stash for at least 4 years
  • Pattern: self-drafted
  • Year: 2011
  • Notions: none, coz this fabric stretches a bit in each direction
  • Time to make: about 40 mins. If that. May have been more like half an hour, even
  • Will I wear it? Yep, I sure will!
  • Total cost: ~$4

The Story
Guess what? I like the colour orange. Have done for many years now, even. Back when I was going through my ‘colour phase’ (yes, I used to be brighter than I am now) and was just getting into sewing, I made myself a pair of bright orange super-flared trousers. I wore those puppies for years, until they pretty much fell apart and had paint spashes all over them. (I didn’t wear them with black, either. When I say I went through a ‘colour phase’, I mean that – for a few years, there was nothing black, white, or even grey in my wardrobe. I paired bright yellow skirts with turquoise tops and red shoes. Lime green skirts with pink and purple. The aforementioned orange flares with, well, everything. And I topped it all off with dreadlocks – some dark brown (my actual hair colour, which hasn’t been seen for quite some time now), some bright red, some orange, some pink, some purple. Ah, university life. Good times.)

Anyway. Fast-forward to the present day. I’m still rather fond of colour (in case you can’t tell). I’m also still rather fond of orange (although I doubt I’ll ever again wear bright orange flares *shudder*). I even have lots of orange in my wardrobe. (And had orange hair a few weeks back, too.) But it turns out there is one thing I’m lacking – orange fabric. Which took me by surprise, yes indeed it did. Plenty of pink fabric everywhere, quite a lot of green to choose from, but orange? Not so much. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ve just used it all already…..

This crinkly looks-a-bit-like-chiffon-but-isn’t-at-all fabric was wanting to be made into a dress. But I couldn’t decide what sort of dress, so it became a top instead. (I may yet make it into a dress as well – I’ve got a good 5 metres or so left of it. Plenty to experiment with.)

I made it a decent length, so it could be worn with jeans, or tucked into a circle skirt (Hummingbird skirt, I’m looking at you!)

I felt like making the sleeves a bit different, so cut them on an angle at the bottom. And just for the heck of it, I made it with only two pieces, and didn’t even hem any of the edges coz you know what? I didn’t need to with this fabric, and with all the amount of hand sewing I’ve been doing lately, it amused me to take the super-easy route with this top. So all it needed was four seams done with the overlocker, and finished off by flipping the top over at each end of the seam and backtracking, for a nice neat finish that won’t unravel.

So, there we have it! One orange floral top.

The name and photos
Nothing exciting for the photos this time round – Wellington is in the grip of the equinox gales, so venturing outside wasn’t looking too appealing. (This time of year is always a good test to see how well your roof is fastened to your house. So far, so good. Not so good for a friend’s rotary washing line, which got blown over and halfway down their lawn today. Did I mention this winds are strong this time of year? So rather than another photo shoot with my outfit wrinkling and my hair defying gravity, it’s an indoor shot this week. (Notice how tiny the door is behind me? Both of the upstairs bedrooms have doors that small, complete with little angled corner to fit under the eaves. I reckon they’re cute, if a bit tricky to get furniture through at times.)

Why the ‘orange sherbert’ top? Well, it’s orange. And I’ve always been amused by that scene in Austin Powers were the security guy goes and gets him some ‘orange sher-bert’ (said in a slow-drawn-out manner, hence the spelling above).

Mmmm….. orange sher-bert……..

5 responses to “The “Orange Sherbert” top

  1. Cute Kat! The print could be from the 30’s I reckon, sorry about the wind!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I was actually considering using this fabric for the Gatsby challenge, but couldn’t decide what to make it into – I was hoping it was a little bit 1930’s-ish, yay!

      Heh, the wind is kinda entertaining. It’s like resistance training whenever you step outside and try to go in a straight line. 😉

  2. I love this fabric and the length and the sleeve, Fab Kate!

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