MPM – finishing the Librarian’s Nightmare dress

Remember the Librarian’s Nightmare dress? Another of those Vintage Vogue reproduction patterns that took far, far longer to sew than it should have. I still don’t know quite how it took that long. In fact, I so don’t understand it that I kind of want to make it again, to see if it did actually take that long or if it was just a weird sort of dream. Hmmm.

Anyway, when I did the post about it, I hadn’t quite finished it – the undersides of the shoulder straps still needed invisible hand stitching, and it also needed a hook and eye in between the snap fastener closures at the waist.

I’m pleased to say that, thanks to hanging out with my lovely flatmate Heather and watching a DVD, the dress is now done! (Nothing quite like DVD watching to get some hand sewing accomplished. Must do that more often.)

Just as a memory jogger, this is the dress:

(We’ll just ignore that odd little fabric fold in the wrong place that I never noticed before now, shall we? It’s not there in real life. It just made an appearance for that photo, for some reason, then vanished, never to be seen again.)

Now that the weather is warming up and the dress is all finished off, I’m on to the next challenge with it – wearing it! I’m thinking I may wear it to work this week, with a cardigan, tights and knee-high boots. (Yes, the weather may be warming up, but still not warm enough to shed the winter tights yet. I’m down a layer of merino every day, though. Progress!)

Another Monday, another mending pile rescue.

6 responses to “MPM – finishing the Librarian’s Nightmare dress

  1. The dress looks lovely. I usually take great pleasure at completing such a challenge as this dress was, by passing on or rumbling up and throwing away the pattern I will never use again!! 🙂

  2. I really liked this on you, glad you will be giving it a wear.

  3. It looks lovely!

  4. Such a beautiful dress. It looks so lovely on you. I love those moments when the chore of hand-sewing becomes a more pleasurable one!

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