Pattern pouch pocket

Here’s a little something I whipped up for scrap busting Tuesday this Friday. (Wrong day, but the intent was still there!)

Often (pretty much always) when I’m sewing something up, I end up with the pattern envelope and most (or all) of the pattern pieces in one part of the room, and the instructions over near my sewing machine. Since I usually use vintage patterns, I don’t like to put the instructions away every single day, for fear of damaging the envelope. And sometimes I like to keep some pattern pieces out too, either to refer to the markings or to cut interfacing or lining a bit later on.

So, this little pouch is to keep all those bits and pieces together in one protected-from-the-cats place. It even fits a few patterns in it, in case I want to take any away on holiday (coz you know, some of us sewing geeks do that sometimes, right?).

It was incredibly quick and easy to whip up – perfect for scrap busting! (And yes, the kowhai blossoms are the right way round on the other side – this is just one big rectangle, so no seams at top or bottom to get in the way of neat pattern storage.) If I ever give patterns for gifts to people, I’m thinking I’ll whip up one of these for them as well as it’ll double as cute wrapping paper.


3 responses to “Pattern pouch pocket

  1. Great idea. I have just started on a vintage dress and although I’ve started to keep the patterns in plastic sleeves, Im aware that Im still damaging the envelope by putting it in and out. I’m never going to finish a dress in one go as I work full time so to have something like this to keep everything together is fab. Good thinking!

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