Ruffles and frills wardrobe challenge

This Wednesday, the wardrobe challenge was ruffles and frills.

So I dug out this black shirt with a ruffled front from the depths of my wardrobe, where it had been lurking for several months without being worn. Admittedly, I hadn’t been wearing it because I didn’t really have anything to wear it with – it doesn’t look very good on me when worn untucked, and it’s only been since I made a couple of skirts that sit at the natural waist that I’ve started tucking things in (good ol’ 1950’s style, and all that). Conveniently, I’d just made my Sandra Dee skirt, and it’s pinkness goes well with the ruffle-y shirt.

Yep, that’s pink and red together. And orange hair. I kinda like clashing colours.

I got this petticoat off TradeMe recently – it’s made by a local lass (who lives one street over from me, as it turns out). It’s a little too short for my long 1950’s skirts, but it adds a bit of volume so it’ll do until I can find some suitable fabric somewhere to make another couple myself. And it adds some more ruffles for the ruffle wardrobe challenge, too.

Want to join us for the next wardrobe challenge? The theme is “mixed prints”.


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