Pink Kitty blouse

The Theme
Over on the Sew Weekly, the week’s theme was ‘Think Pink’. In Mena’s words:

“Some ladies love it, others hate it. It’s the color that, even with a great deal of effort on the parent’s part, always manages to sneak onto their daughter’s favorite list. It’s also the color that is synonymous with breast cancer awareness month, which kicks off the first week of October. We’re adding pink to our wardrobes this week, like it or not.”

The Facts

  • Fabric: pink Hello Kitty print polycotton blend, bought in Beijing earlier this year. Around 1 metre, approximately $4
  • Pattern: Paulette 217
  • Year: ca. 1950’s
  • Notions: 5 pink buttons
  • Time to complete: around 4 hours
  • Will I wear it? Sadly, no.
  • Total cost: ~$4

The Story
When I saw this week’s challenge was Think Pink, I knew immediately which fabric I was going to use – this ultra-cute Hello Kitty fabric I got earlier in the year when Steve and I went to Beijing! (And may I just say – I got some very odd looks by the lovely Chinese women in the shop when I said I was going to make a dress. They tried to talk me out of it, as the fabric is actually for sheeting/duvet covers. They were very sweet!)

The original plan was to make a 1950’s style dress out of it. That’s why I bought it, even. I went through and figured out which pattern I was going to make. And then I realised, actually, this might be a bit too much as a full dress. Hmmm…… Change of plan. Time to make a blouse instead.

Sifting through the blouse/shirt patterns, this Paulette one jumped out at me, with it’s pretty yoke details on the front shoulders. So, I gave it a go!

The Pattern
The pattern itself was pretty easy to sew. Being a vintage one, the instructions were (very) sparse, and it was a little like a jigsaw at times, but it all came together nicely in the end. I’m not too happy with how the pattern fits me, though – there are four darts in the back waist (so you can tuck it into waisted skirts/trousers nicely), but with the gathers at the back yoke it balloons out too much on me. That can be adjusted though – next time I’ll just make it a full size smaller. And I’ll take the darts down to the bottom of the shirt – currently they taper in rapidly on both ends, which doesn’t help with the ballooning aspect or the below-dart fabric kicking out from below the waist, so I think it would work better with them extended by around 3cm at top and bottom so they are a more gradual taper.

The Verdict
Sadly, much as I love this fabric, it does look too much like a pajama top. So much so, in fact, that I just don’t see myself ever wearing it. I may be able to tone it down with a cardigan over the top, but then, what’s the point in having a Hello Kitty shirt if no one sees it? I’ll try it and see how it goes, and if that doesn’t work, I’m going to take the back darts out to loosen it and add some short shorts and turn it into a summer pajama set for my little sister. She likes Hello Kitty as much as I do. 🙂 But, at least it fits in with my Colette Fall(Spring) Palette challenge!

6 responses to “Pink Kitty blouse

  1. I’m sad you don’t think you’ll wear it – I think it looks awesome!! But I understand – there’s stuff in my closet that just makes me feel not-me when I wear it…and not in a good way 🙂

  2. It is awfully cute- and the gathers are so flattering. I’m sorry Kitty-chan is not goign to be a wardrobe staple!

  3. I quite like it but I do have to agree it does resemble a PJ top a bit. I reckon you should wait for a nice summery day though as see if it feels like a fun summery top with some cute smart shorts, shorter pencil skirt or something. If not then maybe give it another life.

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