The last 10 days of Self-Stitched September 2011

Gosh, Self-Stitched September 2011 went fast, didn’t it?! So many outfits I planned to wear, and I ran out of time to wear them all. My Hummingbird Skirt was just too appealing and kept shoving other garments out of the way. 😉

21 September
Ashamed though I am to admit it, I’ve lost the photos from the 21 September. 😦 Not only have I lost the photos, but I’ve also completely forgotten what I was wearing. Argh! I can tell you it would have been all self-stitched, with the probably exception of a merino top, though….

22 September

(See what I did there? I just made up for the lack of a photo from 21 September by putting three in for the 22 Sept. Ta-dah!)

Outfit details:

  • Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
  • Me-made June dress
  • Christina-made crochet scarf
  • Me-made black merino cardigan
  • Black Converse sneakers (although I was wearing black knee-high heeled boots all day at work)
  • Grey socks
  • Mini robot necklace

We took these photos on the walk home from work, in the Basin Reserve cricket ground. This little monument is to Mr Wakefield, who led the settler colony way back around 1840 or thereabouts. (I forget the exact details, although I did read the plaque with interest while we were there.) We spotted this little hedgehog chowing down on a muffin on the path – we decided to ‘rescue’ him and put him back up on the grass. Heck knows how he would have gotten back there otherwise, since he had two much-larger-than-a-hedgehog steps to climb.

23 September
Yep, another day where I forgot to get a photo. And yet again, I can’t remember what I wore. 😦 It was me-made, though!

24 September

(Yep, it was a bit of an off day, outfit wise. But then, I was just slouching around the house….)

25 September

  • My-mother-made handknitted purple wool wrap-around jersey
  • Me-made green skirt
  • Long black socks
  • Grey-blue shoes

26 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan
  • Black waist belt (purchased, and hidden under the cardigan)
  • Me-made Oriental 60’s dress
  • Black tights
  • Silver feather necklace

27 September

  • Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
  • Me-made red striped skirt
  • Trelise Cooper white muslin skirt (worn as a petticoat, and purchased off TradeMe second hand)
  • Me-made black merino cardigan
  • Me-made aubergine merino tee
  • Christina-made crochet scarf
  • Black tights
  • Black slouch boots

28 September

Once again, I forgot to get an outfit post today. But I did get one at work as part of the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge, so I’m sneakily using that here instead. Hopefully the other two lovely ladies (who shall remain nameless for this post) won’t mind…..

  • Me-made August dress
  • White cardigan from an op-shop (this dress wanted to be worn with white, so I had to resort to a purchased one, sadly)
  • Silver spanner necklace

29 September

30 September

  • Me-made Southern Girl dress
  • Purple wool cardigan from an op shop (by this stage, I’m completely sick of the sight of that black merino cardigan!)
  • Pink tulle flower hair pin
  • Grey socks
  • Black ultra-hi Converse sneakers

And there we have it, folks – we’ve come to the end of Self-Stitched September 2011! It’s been fun. Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

2 responses to “The last 10 days of Self-Stitched September 2011

  1. I’m still so impressed- so many wearable combinations and you look great!

  2. Im with Prttynpnk… so totally impressed that you can achieve a self-made month and with fabulous outfits. I particularly like your 60s oriental dress. Its so beautiful.

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