MPM – reattaching a snap fastener

Sorry folks – I’m afraid today’s MPM (Mending Pile Monday) is another boring one. But still, it’s another item released back into my wardrobe! Which is always something to be celebrated, I reckon.

Last time I wore it, one of the snap fasteners on the neck of my August dress started coming loose. So I chucked it into the mending pile, where (like many garments to come before it) it’s languished for a few months. In fact, I’d completely forgotten it was in my mending pile, otherwise I may have gotten around to doing something about it a bit sooner.

Anyhoo, today was its day.

Before, with a snap fastener hanging by a couple of threads:

And after, with the snap fastener firmly reattached and the dress ready to be worn for this weeks Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge, which is polka dots:

And there we have it – a boring MPM post, but a good one as far as one purple polka-dotted dress is concerned. Maybe next week I’ll tackle something that’s more interesting to read about. I’v got a floral 1970’s dress lurking in there, awaiting adjustments…..

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