SBT – red and paisley Peter Pan collar

Another Tuesday, another scrap busting Tuesday (SBT) project!

This week, I decided to make a gift for a friend and try out something I’ve been wanting to try making for a while – a reversible Peter Pan collar. Fun!

I found this cute pattern over on BurdaStyle a while back, and it’s been sitting there, waiting to be made up. Today was the day! Hunting through my scrap pile, I thought it would be fun to make the collar reversible, with some of the red left from my pink and red dress and the paisley cotton that was the original (and rapidly detached!) sleeves from my Betsey Johnson shirt. I do like making things from the scraps of old projects – it kinda feels like tying everything together nicely, in a way. Quite satisfying.

Anyway, this little collar came together quickly and easily and was lots of fun to make. 🙂

It feels a bit too big for around my neck though – next time I think I’ll take it the pattern in by about 1cm down the centre fold (I cut on the fold rather than as the two separate pieces that the pattern called for – why use a seam if you don’t have to?) and see if it sits better. I think it’s cute though – I may have to make one for myself next Tuesday…..

2 responses to “SBT – red and paisley Peter Pan collar

  1. That is so pretty and it suits you so much! I think you should keep that one for yourself and make the other one for your friend! 🙂

  2. Lovely!!! I love that you were scarp busting and the final product looks so fabulous!

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