MPM – Adidas track pants

The last few Mending Pile Monday posts have been, well, a touch boring, really. And I’m afraid to say, today isn’t any different. But even if it’s boring, it still makes me happy, as it’s another item rescued from my overly large mending/alterations/UFO pile and released back into the wild of my wardrobe. Yay!

Nice and simple this week – while digging through the pile, deciding what to work on, I unearthed a pair of Adidas track pants I bought a couple of years ago. Until I rediscovered them today, I’d completely forgotten I had them. Guess that shows how long they’ve been waiting to be altered for.

I don’t know what it is about Adidas track pants – I’ve bought two pairs now, and both have been far too short for me. Clearly, they design them for short women. (And no, I have no idea what possessed me to buy this pair, since they are too short. I wore them maybe twice out running and they annoyed me so much, flapping around my ankles, that I put them aside to take up.)

Here’s the length they were before the alteration:

(Please ‘scuse the photo quality. I couldn’t be bothered getting completely changed out of my work clothes just to try on a pair of pants to check the length, so you’re seeing some classy socks, tights, and skirt-hitched-up styles. I’m so glamorous at times.)

As you can see, kinda a stupid length. The perfect length to flap around one’s ankles while one is out running, in fact.

So, I hacked off roughly the same sized area as a Vogue pattern envelope….

Top-stitched the hem with my trusty overlocker, and now they’re this length (warning: bad socks-and-tights combo ahead):

I think I’ll take them out on my next run, try the new length out. 🙂


4 responses to “MPM – Adidas track pants

  1. A much more trendier length! And hats off to you for tackling that mending pile! I have just finished making a really boring skirt and I was reluctant to make a boring post but I think its important that we tackle everyday sewing necessities as well as all the fancy show off dresses!

    • I agree – I’ve been finding that I’m more likely to tackle the “boring” things if I make myself post about them, too! You should do a post about your skirt. 🙂

  2. They’re definitely not made for “short” women. I get so frustrated buying trousers that don’t fit and sit in my “hemming” pile for ages. I currently have a pair of jeans in there waiting for me to get my machine out and have a go at sewing. They’ll probably sit there until I”m about to come to NZ and then I will give up and pay $20 for someone to hem them for me at the dry cleaners. Terrible aren’t I!

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