Napier op-shop finds

Even though it’s been nearly a month since we went on our long weekend to Napier, I’m only just getting around to sharing with you the goodies I picked up in a couple of little op-shops up in Napier. Steve waited (not very patiently) while I fossicked around in two of them (the lad doesn’t understand the appeal of op shops. Quote: “it’s just other people’s old junk”. Yes, sad, I know.), and I came up with the following….

From the SPCA op-shop:

Around 2.5 metres of this floral cord. It feels/looks like a synthetic to me – first time I’ve come across a synthetic made to look like pinwale corduroy…. Has a vintage vibe as well, 1970’s maybe? Either way, it’s cute, and I suspect it’s going to turn into a skirt at some stage.

Three unopened packs of vintage “Busy Bee” bias binding, back from when they made it down south in Christchurch. Two packs are bright pink, 1″ and 3 yards long (yep, back from before we went decimal!). The other back is navy blue, and looks like a slightly later year coz its got the metreage in large text and the yardage in small text below, which is the opposite way around to the pink bias binding. I think I’ll keep the packets, even after I use the binding – they kinda capture a part of our history from when we changed systems.

Now that I’ve learnt how to use the button hole attachment on my sewing machine, my button collection seems to be growing! Here are a few more for it – a bunch of pearly white and pink buttons, 4 plastic brown textured buttons, and a set of 6 dark-brown ones that look like they’ve come off some vintage sports uniform at some point.

And you can never have too many vintage hooks and eyes, right?

From the Catholic church op shop:

Three sets of self-cover buttons. I’ve never played with self-cover buttons before, but it looks kinda fun (and kinda fiddly as well). I got three sets, in different sizes, to play with.

And one of my favourite finds – around 3.5 metres of this awesome white cotton with brightly-coloured brush-stroke designs on it. I foresee this turning into a sundress at some point this summer. 🙂

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