Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – shiny!

Firstly, sorry I’ve been a bit absent from blogging for the past week or so! Things have been super-busy (with social stuff rather than work stuff, just for a change!) and I haven’t had much time online. Hence why you haven’t seen last week’s Sew Weekly challenge item yet – I’m hoping to get that post up tonight, too…..

And now, the post contents!

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was ‘shiny’. Channeling magpies, disco fever, and making our offices shine and sparkle a bit.

And thank you wardrobe challenge – because of you, today I wore a shirt that I bought maybe 4-5 years ago and have never had the courage to wear coz it’s not my usual style (whatever my ‘usual style’ is, clearly this shirt is not it). I’ve never been able to bring myself to just get rid of it, as it’s purty, but I’ve always felt some lingering guilt that I don’t wear it. My shiny purple patent leather knee-high slouch boots got to come out and see the light of day for the first time this winter as well – they don’t get seen much, either. Maybe I just have a fear of shiny things – great to have in my wardrobe to look at, but I’m scared to wear them. Hmmm.

Anyway, today’s outfit consisted of:

  • Pink and silver lace overshirt by NZ designer Andrea Moore
  • Black long-sleeved merino top from Glassons
  • Brown sleeveless merino top from Glassons (yes, I layer merino. I get cold. Deal with it.)
  • Black skirt with sunburst stitching detail, from a clothes swap
  • Purple patent leather knee-high slouch boots from Molly N (sadly not in the photos though as I left the boots at work)
  • Black opaque tights
  • Robot necklace by a Nelson jeweller

I like the sleeves on this shirt – they flare out and have slits in them, makes me feel all feminine and stuff like that. The fabric is pretty – my magpie tendencies kicked in and made me buy the top coz of the fabric. Pink and silver lace – yay! Gotta love it.

Want to join us for next week’s challenge? The theme is ‘black and white’.


2 responses to “Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – shiny!

  1. You rocked the shiny – that’s a great look on you!

  2. I agree with Donna – a fabulous look!

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