Scrap Busting Tuesday – fabric pattern box

Yay! Today was the second of my new Scrap Busting Tuesdays plan!

Since I’ve been playing around with storing my vintage patterns, I followed on with that theme and made a fabric pattern box using some of my pile of scraps.

I’m reasonably happy with this, since I just invented it as I went along. However, I did make one key mistake – I didn’t use a heavy enough interfacing. Argh! As a result, it’s no where near as stiff as it should be, so I’ve stiffened the edges as much as I could by stitching down them again, kinda like pin-tucks. Which helped a lot, and it holds patterns fine, but it doesn’t look quite how I imagined it would. Next time I’m near a place that sells interfacing, I’m going to pick up some (much) stiffer interfacing and try again and see what happens. (After all, I have lots of patterns, therefore I’m going to need lots of pattern boxes. One per decade from the 40’s through to present, I think…..)


One response to “Scrap Busting Tuesday – fabric pattern box

  1. ooh- I think I need some of those too- nice work! I like the idea of storing by decade too!

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