Storing patterns

As my pattern collection has been building up, I’ve been wondering – how best to store them? I’m getting a few older patterns (1940’s and 50’s) and I want to make sure they won’t get damaged, while still being able to look through them easily.

Finally, last night I think I figured out what to do. Yay!

Step one was to go and buy some snap-lock clear plastic bags that are big enough for my patterns. So I went out hunting today and found some and bought 2 x 25 bag packs. I figure 50 bags will keep me busy for a while.

Step two was to start a private blog, where I can do an entry for each pattern I own and make notes such as if I’ve made it up yet, what fitting adjustments I need to do if I make it up, and so on. I’m also putting photos of each pattern on the blog. The idea behind this is that as time goes on I’m likely to find it a lot harder to remember what I’ve made up and what I wanted to change about the pattern the next time I make it up. So having them all located, tagged and categorised on a private blog means I can look up those sorts of details nice and quickly. πŸ™‚

Step three is to make pattern file boxes. At the moment, my patterns are in shoe boxes or lined up on shelves, and not all in one place. (Also, as I slowly record and plastic-bag them all, they’re gonna get slippery and it’ll be a bit tricky coaxing them to stay on shelves in nice, neat rows!) I’ve got a cupboard where I want to store my patterns, so I’m going to make some filing boxes for them and then group them all by era.

I am geekily excited at the idea of having them all nicely recorded, protected with plastic bags, and filed by era. It’s my Virgo organisational tendencies coming out, I guess.

I made a start with recording and bagging some of my patterns today – I’ve done this little pile so far:

I’m also searching the Vintage Patterns Wiki as I record my patterns, and if they’re not already on the wiki I’m adding them in. Lots of recording, all over the place. I figure this is going to keep me amused for a few weeks. And at the end, I’ll have easy-to-find, protected and recorded patterns, which will make me happy. πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Storing patterns

  1. AWESOME!!! Those snap-lock bags are the perfect size! I need to go and find more bags for my patterns. I keep mine in bags in accordian files. Good idea to go through and document each one! How fun!!!

  2. I love organizing my patterns- this is a great idea- I’ve bene using clear sheet protectors, but I like your idea better!

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  4. This is SUCH a good idea and SO something you would do. Love it! It’s brilliant. πŸ™‚

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