‘Nature’ wardrobe challenge

This week, the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was ‘nature’.

I had originally planned to wear my Bookish Willow dress, since it’s all covered with leaves and bugs. But then the weather turned bad. In fact, we reached record lows across the country this week – lowest temperatures since 1976, to be precise. With snow in central Wellington. Crazy, crazy. So clearly, even if I did my usual layering with merino top underneath and thick tights too, a dress made out of craft cotton was far far too lightweight for this week’s outfits! As a result of which, I moved away from the ‘looks like nature’ concept of the challenge and moved into the ‘natural fibres’ concept. After all, nothing quite like a bit of sleet and snow, with some hail storms mixed in for good measure, to make a girl wanna wrap up in several layers of wool!

Outfit Details

  • Skirt: vintage wool pencil skirt that I found in the op shop down the road from my house (gotta love having an op shop so close!)
  • Tights: black textured tights, probably from chain-store Farmers
  • Shoes: my newest pair! I just picked them up from the store on Tuesday, so this was their first outing. Little leather high-heels in a lovely colour with the not-so-lovely colour name of ‘putty’
  • Jersey: woolen one from NZ designer Karen Walker
  • Merino top: originally from Glassons (chain-store), but I got it from a clothes swap
  • Scarf: vintage rabbit fur, from a clothes swap (seriously, I wear this most days in winter, it’s like a giant cuddly teddy bear wrapped around my neck. If it ever gets ruined or lost I will be so so sad)
  • Necklace: feather pendant on a chunky chain, from NZ designer Miss G

Since I ended up taking outfit pics at home (again), I did make sure I got a photo of the shoes I was wearing with this outfit before I changed into my going-home shoes. So here they are, along with our office’s carpet…. (I’m still slightly unsure about them, to be honest – they’re not my usual style. I’m fairly sure I like them, though. It just always takes me a while to bond with something new in my wardrobe. Maybe I’m weird like that, I dunno. Do you need time to ‘bond’ with new additions to your wardrobe, or is it just me?)

I was working late last night, and since I had my camera with me, I thought I’d go get some photos of me in my wardrobe challenge outfit sitting in one of the awesome meeting rooms at work. I selected which room, wandered in there, got some pics of the room, and then realised that even though it was 8pm on a Wednesday night, there were other people in a meeting room nearby. At which point I chickened out and took my camera home to get photos there instead. Gah. I thought I’d share the room photos with you anyway, though. We recently moved into a new building for work, with lovely re-done offices, and they made a couple of quirky meeting rooms on each floor. Each one is different, and there are around 6 of them I haven’t gone to find yet. One of the ones on my floor is done up like a park – park benches, a ‘fake’ old streetlight and long grass-like carpet, with a backdrop of trees on the wall. I was calling it the ‘park room’, until a lovely colleague of mine informed me she’d dubbed it the ‘Narnia room’, which is a far better name. Clearly, she’s more creative than I am.

The other crazy room on my floor gets called the ‘retro room’. Or the ‘radio room’. Or ‘the lounge’. Or the ‘record room’. Getting an idea of what it’s like yet? Here are some photos – I adore this room. It’s also great for eating pizza in if you’re working late. 😉

That brown chair is a swivel chair. It spins around rather well.

Yep, two of the walls are lined with records. I forgot to get a photo of the one that’s a 70’s exercise record to ‘slim down and increase your sex appeal’. Yes, really.

I also forgot to get a photo of the lightshades – they’re super awesome, woven balls like they’re made of raffia or something like that, and hanging at two different heights from the ceiling. Maybe I need to take my camera in again some other day…. (Or maybe not. Is it weird that I’m posting photos of a meeting room from my office? Hmmm.)

The wallpaper they’ve used on one wall is fabulous. Soft and white, and the orange bits are indented and smooth. Texture and colour, love love love!

Anyway, that’s enough about my office. (Not what you expected from a wardrobe challenge post, right?)

Want to join in the challenge next week? The theme is ‘pink and red’. Yes, together! Go on, break those silly ol’ “fashion rules”. 😉


2 responses to “‘Nature’ wardrobe challenge

  1. I’ve just been catching up on your blog 🙂 I love the shoes! You should post a picture of them side on so I can see more 😀
    Also very cool meeting rooms your work has – much better than the usual stale ones!!

  2. Tee hee! Thanks, lady. 🙂 I do love shoes…..

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