MPM – Progress on the plaid jacket

Finally, I’ve made some more progress on the strangers UFO jacket!!! Yes folks, this one’s been a long time coming – ever since the last Mending Pile Monday that I picked it up (several weeks ago now), it’s been sitting there, waiting for me to come back to it. And yesterday, with it’s howling wind, driving rain and hail, and snow (yes, snow in central Wellington!!! Very, very odd), it seemed like a good day to pick it up again.

I’m sad to say it’s not quite finished yet, but I did make a lot of progress – I took it in at the sides (it’s a smock style and, quite frankly, looked like an at-9-months maternity coat on me), chopped a section off the bottom (so I can turn it into a belt and cinch it in a bit more), added the sleeves, put interfacing down the front edges (it’s a reasonably loose weave so I wanted to play it safe and add a bit more strength for the button holes), and inserted the lining. All without any instructions. Yippie! I’m pretty happy with it, although since a stranger cut it out, the sleeves were cut at normal length (read: far too short for me), so I’m going to re-stitch the lining where it attaches to the end of the sleeves and see if I can gain an extra centimetre or two of sleeve length.

That’s our cat Pepper perched on the mattress behind me. (Yes, Steve has an on-it’s-side mattress in his room. *shrug*)

Woo-hoo! Lining!!!

Just a few steps left to go, hopefully I’ll get it finished next week. I’ve got to do some hand-finishing in the front bottom corners, adjust the sleeve length, sew up and attach the hood (and it’s lining), and add the buttons. And then it’ll be done! The plan is to get it finished in time for Self-Stitched September, as a me-made jacket is one of those wardrobe essentials I’m missing.

5 responses to “MPM – Progress on the plaid jacket

  1. Nice work! I love the plaid on you!

  2. Love that jacket! Was the lining difficult to do?

    • Thanks Donna! 🙂 I found it surprisingly easy, actually, considering I had no pattern for it (I used the shell pattern and resized it for the lining) and no instructions, haha. I did cheat a bit though – because it’s going to have a hood, I’ve left the neck edge unsewn for now so I could keep turning it easily to check while I was sewing it and make sure it was turning out ok. The arms were a lot easier than I expected – I found some tips online on how to do the lining for the arms, and it was super-easy! My fear of lining jackets has now been overcome – so so much simpler than I ever would have guessed!!!

  3. This looks great! The lining looks smashing, and that plaid has lovely colors in it. Well done! I’m excited to see the finished project!

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