Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – local colour

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was local colour. It could have been interpreted either of two ways:

  • wear things made locally
  • or, we things that are reminiscent of where you live

(Or, if you’re feeling particularly up to the challenge, wear both!)

I went for the ‘wear both’ option – challenges are good, right?!

I caught up with my lovely friend Nat for lunch today. She’s also doing the wardrobe challenges, and comes up with the most amazing outfits each week. We rocked on down to the waterfront near our offices and braved the cold wind to get some photos taken.

Outfit details

  • Plaid wool jacket by Misery (NZ designer)
  • Vintage rabbit-fur scarf, from my friend Teresa at a clothes swap
  • Charcoal acrylic gloves from NZ chain store Glassons (not made in NZ sadly – I forgot about the gloves part and choose one of my few non-locally-made pairs today. Oops!)
  • Me-made Tree Sculpture dress, which was based on the design of the tree sculptures near Wellington city library
  • Purple wool wrap-around jersey by NZ label Episode (not that you can see it under the jacket, but it’s there, I promise!)
  • Purple tights (not made locally)
  • Grey Doc Marten heels (also not made locally)

Yep, it was all grey and purple today. Grey like Wellington skies often are in winter. But luckily the sun came out for our photos, so you can see Oriental Bay looking all pretty behind us. 🙂

(In between pauses where we battled the wind for control of our skirts, that is.)

Next week’s wardrobe challenge is ‘nature’ – go on, join in!


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