More Napier road trip pics

We took a lot of photos on our road trip to Napier last weekend. Too many to put in the blog post I wrote about it. Turns out I still have more I want to share, so, for your viewing pleasure, here are some more of ’em….

The statue of Pania of the Reef. This statue is rather famous within New Zealand, and there’s a lovely (and sad) legend associated with it and how Pania turned into the reef in the ocean near Napier.

Palm trees on one side of Marine Parade, Norfolk pines on the other. Steve liked the palms best. I’m a Norfolk pine type of girl, myself. But I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the two.

Sadly it’s a bit hard to see in the photo, but this was one of a few buildings that incorporated Maori designs in their Art Deco stylings. The darker coloured strips under the ‘Napier Antiques’ sign were Maori motifs. Gotta love local twists on international styles!

Art Deco cathedral.

Near the soundshell and overlooking the sea on one side and down the main shopping street on the other. Lovely bright green benches to relax on.

Looking through the pillars near the above benches, out over the square towards town and the little clock tower.

‘The Last Wave’ statue. The lovely lady in this statue lived in Napier around the time of the earthquake and won a beauty contest (or something like that?) held not long after the earthquake to bring a bit of cheer back into the city. And here she stands, in all her lovely 1930’s glory.

Cute little mosaics like these were all through the centre of town, each one of them different.

A pretty fountain we rested by for a while, near the cathedral.

On our way home from Napier, we drove up Te Mata Peak near Havelock North. Amazing views from the top! (And a rather scary drive back down – very narrow one-lane two-way road along the side of a very steep hill and lots of blind corners. Eek!)

We passed a lot of cute Art Deco houses and small buildings on the way home to Wellington. They were always there, but after spending a day walking around Napier looking intently at all the Art Deco loveliness there, I was noticing all the other Art Deco buildings a lot more than usual! Couldn’t resist getting a photo of this little beauty – it stood out with it’s colour scheme, a bit different from the far more common white-with-green-trim houses.

And I’ll stop with the photos there, that’s probably about enough from that one trip, don’t you think? 🙂


2 responses to “More Napier road trip pics

  1. I love the trip photos – thanks for sharing more with us!

  2. That must have been fun- thanks for sharing Napier!

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