MPM – adding lining to a skirt

I’ve decided that ‘Mending Pile Monday’ is too long for a regularly-occurring post title. So from now on, I’ll be calling Mending Pile Monday ‘MPM’. Short and sweet, yes indeedy.

Much like the MPM mission for this week, in fact.

Back when I made my 70’s lounge outfit, I made a bit of a mistake making the skirt. I made the skirt. I made the lining. I attached the waistband to the skirt. And then I realised the lining was still sitting on the sewing table. Oops! And I was in a bit of a hurry to get over to Beijing on holiday that day, so I just wore it as it was for the photos then chucked it into my mending-adjustments-UFO pile to be finished off another day.

Finally, the day is here! And my green floral velvet skirt now has lining. See?

I may even wear it this week, now that it won’t cling to my tights when I walk. Lining’s good like that.


2 responses to “MPM – adding lining to a skirt

  1. that color is amazing- what was the original post called- I hjave to see the rest!

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I love this fabric – it’s some my mother bought years and years ago, lovely and vintage-y. The original post was 70’s lounge – there’s a link to it in the above post about the lining.

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