Friday’s vintage patterns

Turns out I still have some vintage patterns I’ve purchased over the past couple of months that I haven’t shared with you all yet. So, here we go!

Simplicity 7927 from 1968

It’s a bit mod, and a bit Christmas Elf too, with that red with white trim. (Not saying you have to look like an elf if you make it up, but that lass over to the left looks somewhat Santa’s-helper like, don’t you think?)

I quite like how this can be either a dress or a cardigan or a coat, all depending on your fabric choice and whether you add a belt. Now that’s versatility in a pattern!

Academy 2551, year unknown

Now I must admit, I don’t think I’ll ever make this one up. I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to buy it, but it is rather interesting, so maybe it was a curative moment I had that made sure it made it’s way into my collection. Who knows? *shrug* It’s quite an interesting pattern, don’t you think? I suspect this is one that would be very easy to get wrong and end up looking like you’re either wearing a bib, or were from the 1980’s in a not-so-good way. Anyone got any great ideas on how to make this pattern work?

Druleigh 932, year unknown

This is a cute wee pattern, I’m guessing from the mid-late 1950’s. (Anyone better able than me want to give dating it a go?) I like the floral design they’ve sketched onto the fabric – very cute, no?

I can see myself making this one up for summer – that fitted bodice with the flared skirt and shoulder straps, and the little matching bolero – pretty!

New Idea 7885, year unknown

Late 1950’s, early 1960’s maybe? The pill box hat, the fur coat, the gloves in her hand – that’s one stylish model on the right.

The collar was what attracted me to this pattern – the deep v softening into a semi-shawl collar at the back. Something tells me this pattern won’t work so well in those quilting cottons I’m so fond of making dresses up in. Guess I’ll have to branch out a bit in my fabric choices…..

from 1974

And just to round it off, here’s one from 1974. I really like this pattern – it’s very sweet with it’s little gathered cap-sleeves, it’s sweet-heart neckline and it’s bows. And it’s also slightly daring with the diamond-shaped cut-out in the back. Bring on summer so I can make this one up and wear it!


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