Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – footless tights

Yep, I know it’s Sunday. Oh well, better late than never with putting up a post about the last Wardrobe Challenge, right? (Yes?)

I’ll keep this post short-n-sweet though, just coz it’s super-late. 🙂

The wardrobe challenge for Wednesday 20 July was…. footless tights.

I completely forgot to get a photo of my outfit until Steve and I were walking home from work, and then decided, what the heck, I’d left the black patent high-heels that I’d been wearing all day at work, so may as well get a goofy pic on the way home in my super-classy sneakers.

Stunning, no? I mean, sneakers with a work outfit are never gonna look good, but add footless tights into the mix and it just takes it up to another level of uncoolness. Hah.

Anyway, here’s the outfit details.

  • Black dress with shoestring straps by Deborah Sweeney (a NZ designer)
  • Purple merino short-sleeved top (worn under the dress) made by me
  • Red cardigan with black skulls from cheap-as-chips chain store Jay Jays
  • Black-and-purple striped footless tights (yeah! Go wardrobe challenge!)
  • Black patent high heels (if during the day – just imagine they’re there)
  • Pink three-quarter-sleeved woolen jacket by Deborah Sweeney (turns out I like her styles)
  • Short fingerless gloves by Kate Watts (NZ designer)
  • Vintage rabbit-fur scarf
  • And of course, a classy back pack. Coz walking 4km home from work carrying a standard handbag makes your shoulder hurt, yes indeed it does as I found out. Which is a shame, coz I do like my handbag collection. These days though, it generally just sits in a few drawers, looking pretty.

You can’t really see it, but that’s the War Memorial behind me. In the dark. Because it’s winter and already dark when I leave work at night. Bring on summer time, oh yeah!

Stay tuned for next week’s Wardrobe Challenge – green!

2 responses to “Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – footless tights

  1. Dude! Is that the rabbit fur scarf you got off me at a clothes swap once? Its still going strong – wow!

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