Mending pile Monday – a skirt gets released back into my wardrobe

Another Monday (admittedly a couple of days ago now), another mending pile mini-challenge!

This Monday, I was a bit tired of sewing from the 9 hours I spent over the weekend making my Librarian’s Nightmare dress, so I hunted through for something that should be quick-and-easy to alter/repair/finish/etc. I pulled out a long grey woolen skirt that I bought about 10 years ago from one of my favourite designers – Tanya Carlson. She makes gorgeous pieces – lots of vintage-inspired items mixed with modern styles, lace and velvet and wool, florals and dark-and-brooding blacks and greys. I love her style lots. 🙂

Anyway, quite a few years ago now, when I was down in Dunedin visiting my parents, I was lucky enough to stumble across a workroom sale she was having (she’s based down in Dunedin as well). I found this gorgeous 1930’s/40’s inspired suit on sale – dark grey wool blend, with a little cropped jacket and a long skirt with a slight fishtail at the back. And yay, it was in my size! So I impulse-bought it. Sometimes, you just have to do those sorts of things.

I wore it a few times and loved it, and then the hem on the skirt started coming down. So I put it aside to mend. That would have been, oh, maybe about 8 years ago now. Yep – once again, I’m rescuing something that’s been in my mending pile for a loooooong time!

This week, that skirt got mended. Yes, indeed, it did. Since it turned out that nearly the entire hem had come down, I decided to take the opportunity to lengthen it a bit (long skirt + my height = always a bit too short). I unpicked the rest of the blind hem and hand-stitched a new blind hem all away around it right near the edge, which added about an inch of length to the skirt.

And then I moved it from my mending pile to my ironing pile, where it is likely to stay until the weekend. Still, at least it’s a big step closer to being worn again….

Just to prove I did it, here’s a couple of bad photos, which is what happens when you take photos at night of dark colours using a camera that doesn’t have the best flash in the world. But look! I did actually fix this skirt this week! See?!

This is the back of the skirt – you can kinda see the soft flared semi-pleats down near the bottom that give it a bit of a fish tail look.

And here’s the hem – all hand-stitched and blind, just like it should be on a woolen skirt. And just like what I never do normally. I’m thinking I need to do more blind hems – they really do just look a lot better….

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