Pretty vintage pattern finds

Ok, so I did say I wasn’t going to buy any more vintage patterns online. But then I wrote about the little collection of vintage Australian Home Journal magazines, and I gave into the temptation of having a look to see if there were any more online. Oops. Next thing you know, I’ve bought a bunch more patterns…

Which means I get to show them off. 🙂

Here’s the first five. (Yes, I may have bought a few. Oops.)

Paulette 217. Paulette Patterns were a New Zealand pattern company that I haven’t been able to find out any information about at all. (Does anyone know anything about them?) I don’t know when this pattern is from – there are no date markings anywhere on it. I’m guessing maybe 40’s or 50’s?

McCall 7785 from 1948.

Australian Home Journal from June 1st, 1946. This is one of my favourites – it contains all three of the patterns on the front. I can’t decide which dress variation I like the best – the one with the faux cross-over front, or the one with the peplum detail….

Academy 4373. Academy patterns were a New Zealand based pattern company, and just like Paulette patterns, I can’t find out any info on them. So if anyone knows anything, I’d love to hear it! I’ve got quite a few Academy patterns now, so they must have been pretty popular back in their day. I’m not convinced about the gathering detail on the bottom half of the skirt of this pattern, but the overall dress concept is quite interesting – I may have to make it up just out of curiosity!

Academy 4577, year unknown. One annoying thing about this old NZ-based pattern companies – they don’t ever seem to put years on their patterns. *sigh* I’m guessing this one, and the one above it in this post, are from the 1950’s though.

So there we have it – the next five vintage patterns I’ve added to my stash! I think I’ve decided – the blue faux-cross-over bodice dress from the Australian Home Journal pattern is my favourite from this lot. Which one is your favourite?


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