Legwarmers for the Tripod

Down at the bottom of Courtenay Place, opposite the Embassy Theatre, there’s a rather awesome statue of a steam-punk style tripod with a movie camera on it. The tripod statue was created by Weta Workshop as a tribute to the film industry in Wellington. It’s pretty awesome, I reckon – even if it is a bit creepy with the little red light that peers down at you from the lens of the camera. *shiver*

And just to make it even more awesome, last week some Yarn Bombers made it legwarmers! Lovely striped ones, with stars and pom-poms. Because even statues of steam-punk tripods get cold in winter in Wellington.

As you can see, the statue is pretty big. That’s my lovely mother standing under one of the legs – she was up from Dunedin visiting me for the weekend.

Yarn bombing makes me smile lots. Big ups to the wonderful people that did this one. 🙂


4 responses to “Legwarmers for the Tripod

  1. Yarn Bombing?!? I’ve never heard of this before, but it looks mighty cool 🙂

    • Yarn bombing is fantastic. There’s a whole website devoted to it over here: http://yarnbombing.com/ I love it when you see little yarn bombs appear in random places. Apparently there’s a tree up in the Botanical Gardens here that gets lots of “branch warmers” put on it – I’m going to have to go and find it!

  2. I’m so glad you took a photo of this! It seriously made me smile when I went passed on the bus last week!

  3. Oh Snap!! I have taken pics of this to blog too!

    Just haven’t gotten there yet 😉

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