Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – yellow (and Me Made June day 15)

The middle of winter. What better time to have a yellow theme for the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge!

It’s also the 15th day of Me Made June today.

Outfit Details

  • Me-made 1940’s halter dress with Buzzy Bees all over it. Oddly, although this doesn’t have as much yellow in it as other dresses I own, I think of it as my most yellow garment. Perhaps the sunflowers and bees and rainbows make it seem more bright and summery and therefore yellowy. Who knows. *shrug*
  • Me-made chocolate brown merino cardi
  • Burgundy merino top under the dress (not made by me, sadly)
  • Lovebirds necklace by Boh Runga

I wore this to work and home again. Not overly exciting, I’m afraid to say. I did get a few compliments on the dress though – this fabric always makes people smile with it’s awesome retro Buzzy Bees. It made me smile lots too, which is probably why I bought more than 10 metres of it. Eek.

Ain’t that Buzzy Bee cute?!?

I love this necklace. It’s by a New Zealand singer, who designed it in collaboration with the NZ Mint. Two little lovebirds. Cute!

And just because it’s yellow day, here’s some other cool yellow things around my room. (Well, I think they’re cool, anyway!)

Steve and I got these wee guy when we were over in Beijing earlier this year. Year of the Rabbit, and all that.

My complete collection of Golden Hands craft books, from the 1960’s-70’s. I found them at the Opportunity for Animals op shop a while back for the princely sum of $20 for the 18 of them. How could I say no? My arms got rather tired carrying them a few blocks home, though.

Ain’t this tape measure cute? My lovely friend Claire gave it to me for my birthday a few years back. It makes me smile. 🙂

Want to join in the Wardrobe Challenge next Wednesday? The theme is bows!


4 responses to “Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – yellow (and Me Made June day 15)

  1. Love this dress!!! Such a cute retro print! And great idea to have the Wardrobe Challenges….I might join next week’s–but I’ve got to see what I have with bows (probably a lot knowing me:)

  2. Thanks! 🙂 It was the first ever vintage styled dress I ever made, in fact.

    You should totally join us next week – would love to see what you come up with!

  3. How could you not smile at your lovely dress! I am über jealous about your Golden Hands collection. I have a lovely 70’s Golden Hands encyclopedia of sewing but its not a patch on your beauties! I’d love to join the bow challenge but I’m so depressingly busy with work. Will watch out for your creation… its bound to be lovely!

  4. This is the happiest looking dress I have ever seen! I don’t think I could ever be sad looking at that fabric 🙂 Definitely one of my favorite things you’ve made!

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