Mending Pile Monday – Local Colour dress

A slightly late Mending Pile Monday today – I was up in Auckland overnight for work yesterday, and I didn’t think to take anything that needed hand-sewing mending or altering up there with me, so it’s a Tuesday mending pile project day this week!

Ironically, I pulled something out of my mending pile that did need to be done by hand, so if I’d planned a bit better I could have done it in my hotel room last night. Hah.

This week, I pulled my Tree Sculpture dress out of the mending pile. Sad to say, I still haven’t worn this dress – I made it for the Local Colour week on the Sew Weekly challenges, and it’s been in my mending pile ever since. I discovered while wearing it for the photo shoot that despite under-stitching the neckline and tacking it down at the shoulder seams and pressing it lots, after the dress had been on for a while the facing kept poking it’s way out at the neckline. Grrrr. See what I mean?

Frustrating. And since I wasn’t overly in love with the dress at the time (it had caused me a bit of grief with the piping – things not to use on a pointed waistband, as it turns out) I chucked it into my mending pile to sort out another day. That other day took a while to come around, but it was the Tree Sculpture dresses turn this week!

I tacked down the facing around the front of the neckline by hand, and also sewed on a hook and eye above the centre back zip. Both things I hate doing (pretty much anything to do with hand sewing is one of my two least-liked sewing tasks), which is probably the main reason the dress languished in my mending pile for so long. Hmmmm.

But it’s all done now.

(Although I do still need to give it a good press. But that can wait until tomorrow – in typical stitcher fashion, after getting back this evening from Auckland I decided I had to do my mending pile day self-set challenge before I went to bed. Result being – I’m now tired and need to go to sleep pronto!)

Lets see if this dress makes an appearance for Me Made June, now that it’s wearable again!


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