Scarves wardrobe challenge and Me Made June day 8

This Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was all focusing on an accessory – scarves. Admittedly, this one pushed me outside of my usual wardrobe bounds – although I own a scarf or two, I never wear them, mainly because I have no idea how to wear ’em!

I’ve had this little black-and-white polka-dot scarf in my wardrobe for, oh, maybe 4 years now. And I’ve never worn it. Sad, I know. One of the girls I worked with at the time wore one like it to work one day, and it looked so cute on her that when I saw this one, I bought it. But I’ve never summoned up the courage to wear it. Which is a bit silly, really, since it’s only a scarf, and to the best of my knowledge scarves don’t bite.

Since today is also part of June, here’s the outfit details for the Me Made June part of the challenge….

7 June

Me-Made items:

  • Charcoal grey pencil skirt

Made-by-friends-and-family items:

  • Handknitted wool fingerless gloves

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Black shirt
  • Winter coat (although I’m part way through making one of these at the moment!)

Where I wore this outfit:
To work! (Yes, exciting, I know.) And to meet my lovely friend Teresa for lunch and a wardrobe challenge photo taking date.

My thoughts on this outfit:
Although it’s not my usual style, I quite like it. I think I’ll wear it again, even. 🙂

Learnings from today:

  • Scarves aren’t really scary at all. And probably aren’t all that complicated to wear. With a little practice, I think I can even incorporate them into my ‘normal’ wardrobe!
  • When making pencil skirts always line them. The narrowness of them makes them cling lots to tights in winter otherwise.
  • Turns out, wearing a little bit of mascara makes me feel a lot more dressed up! Thanks to Me Made June, I’m making a bit more of an effort.
  • I need to get up 5 minutes earlier to do the mascara thing, otherwise I end up having to get a bus to work instead of walking. Oops.

Today Teresa and I wandered down to the waterfront near Queens Wharf. We took the photos outside Shed 5 – one of the old sheds that has been done up into a fancy restaurant. (I went there once a few years ago for a work event – quite nice inside, as well.) I love the shade of blue they’ve painted the building – isn’t it pretty?!?

Next week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge is yellow – join in! 🙂


One response to “Scarves wardrobe challenge and Me Made June day 8

  1. Wow those shoes are amazing!!

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