Me Made June days 5, 6, and 7

June 5

Me-Made items:

  • Red 8-gore skirt
  • Black merino cardi

Gaps in my Me-Made wardrobe:

  • Pink silk/merino singlet top

Where I wore this outfit:
Around the house, doing some gardening (in a misty rain, no less! The result of which being that this skirt it now in the wash with garden mud on it, oops). And Steve and I decided to walk to Kilbirnie (the next suburb over, about 25 mins walk away) for a late lunch, just because we could.

My thoughts on this outfit:
Whoever said pink and red don’t go together? I hate to tell you, whoever-you-were, but I disagree. And wear them together on a regular basis, just coz I can.
I made this skirt probably around 7-8 years ago, and it’s still going strong! The pattern was from a UFO that I inherited – I think it was from a skirt that my grandmother was making my auntie, and it was a lot longer than this. I finished off the skirt the pattern was still pinned to (long, chocolate brown, and too small for me so someone else now owns it), and liked the pattern so I used it to make myself this skirt, and left off the waistband so it was the right size for me. Yay! (Wish I knew where I’d put the pattern after I finished with it…. I’m sure it’s around here, somewhere, in an envelope…..)

June 6

Me-Made items:

  • Long denim shorts
  • Grey hand knitted cardigan/jacket – actually made by my lovely mother, who is an awesome knitter, but I figure a Me-Made challenge should extend to made-by-friends-and-family as well!

Gaps in my Me-Made wardrobe:

  • Purple long-sleeved merino top

Where I wore this outfit:
Being a public holiday yesterday, I wasn’t intending on wearing this outfit anywhere at all! It was only because of Me Made June that I dragged these shorts out, since I have no Me-Made trousers at the moment and couldn’t bring myself to wear non-me-made jeans around the house when these shorts would do fine. But, since it’s winter, I had to pair them with long socks. Which, lets face it, isn’t the best look in the world unless you’re a wanna-be skatie type. So, this outfit was intended to be worn purely for lazing around the house, reading, sewing, gardening, and housework. Unexpectedly, it also got taken on a little drive, to the storage unit so I could grab a few wintery things out (including around 4 metres of gorgeous forest green wool/cashmere blend fabric that I’d forgotten was in there, yay!), and to a shop to purchase two pillow cases and some gardening stuff. Oh, and to the supermarket. So yes, this outfit saw the light of day, even though it was never meant to!

My thoughts on this outfit:
Note to self – take a lesson from Dita von Teese and don’t dress sloppy, coz you never know when you’ll be out in public! Eek! (Although the purple fuzzy slippers are a good touch, don’t you think?!)

June 7

Me-Made items:

  • 1950’s style dress

Gaps in my Me-Made wardrobe:

  • Red cropped cardigan
  • Black long-sleeved merino top

Where I wore this outfit:
No where exciting – just to work. (With black heeled knee-high boots, that is. I leave a selection of high heels under my desk at work as I walk in most days, so photos taken at home are in my ‘walking’ shoes. Which aren’t quite as glamorous, but have you ever tried walking 4km to work in high heels? It’s not so good for the shoes. Or for you, but the shoes are the main reason I don’t do it, sad to say!)

Thoughts on this outfit:
It’s been a while since I wore this dress, and I’m not sure why – I’ve always liked it. It’s a bit longer than many of my dresses and I have moments of feeling slightly frumpy during the day because of it, but they quickly pass and I go back to loving it and especially loving that the skirt is long enough to not be too much of a hazard in Wellington winds!

Learnings from the last three days of Me Made June
Channel Dita von Teese and don’t wear a sloppy outfit around the house just coz you think no one will see it. Because as soon as you do that, you will get unexpected visitors. Such is Murphy’s Law.


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